Hello World!

Hello, this is my first blog so I’m very excited to say the least.

I just returned from Calgary, Canada, Friday, where I was all week, performing some photoshoots for my company. Calgary is a beautiful city and the Canadians are good people. I had a nice visit and I got to sit in “first class” (ye-haw!!!) on the way back. More on this later and perhaps some photos too.

I’m off to London next week for some meetings with our ad agency. I’m very excited about that.

Lastly, my brother, Aaron Ramback is back. I’d been praying the Lord would send Aaron back to Austin. Now we’re going to “counteract the counterfeit” and bring thirsty souls to the living water of Jesus Christ though our Literary Ministry. Last Sabbath day we hit around 100 doors; hallelujah! All praises and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here’s some awesome web sites to check out:

Cheers for now.



~ by danherron on May 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. Nice site Dan. Go Bronchos

  2. And it’s a very classy blog, too. Great photo of the Austin skyline. You couldn’t superimpose some blue-bonnets or bufflo on top of that? ar ar

  3. I finally found and was able to get on your site. It is very nice. So you went to London. Had you been there before? What did you do there? Hope you got to do some sight seeing Anne I am leaving you my personal email address annej2468@yahoo.com

  4. Anne, I went to Calgary, Canada last week.
    I’m going to London next week. Actually our headquarters is in Hampshire, outside of London.
    We’re flying over to Aberdeen, Scotland, for some meetings with our ad agency.
    I suppose I’ll stay the weekend in London.

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