England & Scotland UK Trip

Cheers from jolly ole’ England!

I’m in Yateley, Hampshire. I’m absolutely exhausted. My trip took a total time of 26 hours from Austin to London. It’s an eight hour flight from Houston to London and we’re six hours ahead than CST in the states. I missed my original flight, Sunday afternoon, out of Houston because they had some bad storms that shut down the Houston Airport. We finally left Houston about 7pm and arrived in London at 10am. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep a wink. You know I’m going take a few sleeping pills on the way back.

I’ve got a meeting Wednesday where I have to make a presentation and then on Thursday we’re flying in to Aberdeen, Scotland for the day go to visit one of our offices. However; I’ll be spending Fri-Sun on holiday in London.

Casa Dei Cesari

This is where I’m staying, £90 or $180 per night .

Casa Dei Cesari Hotel & Restaurant Yateley Hampshire GU46 6BT

Housed in a part 17th century building and set within its own large tranquil and rural surrounds, the Casa Dei Cesari Hotel and Restaurant has enjoyed a growing reputation over many years for its excellent standard of cuisine and accommodation.


I left my Apple power converter at home so the maintenance man was a very nice chap and cut off a ring around this converter so my Apple plug would fit in the converter. Oh, what would I do without internet access???

Above: my light dinner, salad and minestrone soup.


This is my favorite and best suit, a Ralph Lauren, black-pinstrip (Rico Swavey). I’m steaming it to get the wrinkles out. I fill the tub up with hot water and presto, wrinkles gone; it’s works well!


This is my room; it’s no Renaissance, but a charming little flat, I suppose.

As I write, I’m watching “The F Word” (Food Word) with Gordon Ramsey, you know the chef from Fox-TV’s “Hells Kitchen” on BBC and they use the other “F” word like there’s no tomorrow. Must be no censorship on British TV. Seriously, must have said the F work like 30 times. I think it must be common language and not a dirty word.

There’s no American TV here on my hotel cable, unlike Canada, they have Canadian ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, etc…




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