Scotland Visit

We flew in to Aberdeen, Scotland Friday for a short half-day visit to tour our Aberdeen offices and lunch. We flew on British Airways and it was a most comfortable one-hour flight. British Airways pampered us and served breakfast on the flight in and dinner and drinks on the way back (for free unlike the American carriers!).

The British Airways jets feature leather seats and have pictures on the walls. The stewardess wear these sexy suites with ascots. They are more hospitable and offer more amenities that the cheap-ass American carriers. On the next trip to Europe I will choose to fly British Airways. Also, on my trip to Canada in a few weeks.

British Airways Stewardess

Anyway getting back to the subject, the Scottish countryside is full of plush-green rolling hills and the weather was perfect with cool temperatures and partly cloudy skies.

Scottish Flag

Sorry to say, this is the only photo, of the Scottish Flag, I had the opportunity to take.

Rolling Hills of Aberdeen, Scotland

Photo: Aberdeen, Scotland. This is what the beautiful Scottish country side looks like. (Photo by Shawn Pembleton, c Flickr, 2007).


~ by danherron on June 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi Dan, I am a flight attendant . different airline. and an Aesthetician nd starting a blog. I would like your permission to use the photo of the BA flight attendant for my blog. please email me a reply. Thanks, Venice

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