Ernie Ball Music Man “Frankenball” Guitar Project

Sunday, I taped up the sides and the binding and painted my first 3-4 coats of white on this guitar. I live in an apartment so I had to paint it in the laundry room. I’m expecting the neck to come in any day now from Cali; and I’ll paint it this Sunday.

If you want to make a 5150 here’s the spray paint you’ll need:

  • Krylon Gloss White
  • Krylon Gloss Black
  • Krylong Banner Red

Painters masking tape in varying sizes.

I will post photos of each step in the process.


STEP 1 — Here’s the OLP body, I sanded by hand.

EBMM OLP White Paint Coat

STEP 2 — Spray white coats of Krylon Gloss White spray paint.

EBMM 5150 Stripes masked out

STEP 3 — I layed down the masking tape stripes. Next is red paint. I’m so excited I can’t wait to spray the red coats of paint. (Before I applied the masking tape, I sanded down the white paint with 400 and 600 sandpaper).

Ernie Ball Music Man “5150″ Red Paint Coat

Now I’ve painted it red with Krylon Banner Red.


I screwed up this project while spraying the clear coat so I’ve canceled it. I have just sent this to a professional luther in MD to paint it for me. You can see on the bottom where the clear coat bubbled up. The neck didn’t turn out much better either.

However; this will be the end result!

Ernie Ball Music Man EVH 5150 Guitar

Here’s my current guitar collection:


~ by danherron on June 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “Ernie Ball Music Man “Frankenball” Guitar Project”

  1. Oh man it would be awesome if you could do a transparent evh paint job to keep that beautiful quilt visible!

  2. Joe,

    That’s just a photo flame top. It’s a photo.

    If you want the best quilt-tops go here:

    I buy my all my necks from Frankenstraat. I was thinking about building a black-quilt top EBMM EVH.

    I was in Guitar Center yesterday and they have two OLPs priced at $199. I might buy one for another project.

  3. Such a waste, it had a nice quilted maple top on it! are you crazy!!

  4. You probably used lacquer clear over that Krylon, which is an enamel. The lacquer attacked the enamel, thus bubbling it. I’ve done Krylon paint jobs on my bodies a bunch of times, and the Krylon is just fine w/o the clear, plus being slightly less resistant than pro lacquer paints, it would of wore off just right with about a yr. of playing. You almost had it!

  5. the quilted maple was beautiful!! why not spray paint some crap looking wood?

  6. Will you people stop complaining about the quilted top being painted!?! It’s friggin Eddie Van Halen Dude, that makes it okay. I think it looks cool.

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