Oklahoma City Visit

I flew to OKC last Wed. for a shoot. I flew on ExpressJet because they fly direct from Austin to OKC and most other cities, and they’re the cheapest.

ExpressJet Embraer Jet

ExpressJet pilots safely transport more than 50,000 passengers daily on a growing fleet of state-of-the-art Embraer jets to more than 130 destinations, which range from St. Johns, Newfoundland, to Acapulco, Mexico, and the Caribbean. ExpressJet Airlines is the largest small-jet operator in the world, according to their web site.

ExpressJet XM Satellite Radio service

Their fleet consist of Embraer lear jets and they feature XM Radio which has have more than 100 stations. Of cours, you have to bring some decent headphones, if possible, noise canceling headphones to hear the radio with any enjoyment.

Oklahoma City Waterford Marriott Hotel

I stayed at the Waterford Marriott, on the concierge floor. This is a nice hotel and I highly recommend it. A unique location just west of the exclusive Nichols Hills neighborhood is fitting for this boutique OKC hotel, situated minutes from the airport and downtown business district. Best of all it’s within a stones throw to Penn Square Mall.

Waterford Marriott Concierge Floor

Waterford Marriott Concierge Floor Room

This is my room on the Waterford Marriott Concierge Floor. Very comfortable, great view and a nice breakfast in the concierge lounge, with a nice coffee, cappucino, and espresso machine.

Ted’s Cafe Escondido

We ate at Ted’s Cafe Escondido SW 89th St because it’s only a few miles from our OKC office . I must admit, Ted’s used to be my favorite, until the one hour waits on the weekdays and two hour weekend waits became standard fair. Anyway back to lunch; the food and service was great. They bring you a non-stop supply of chips, tortillas and queso! The Atomic Sauce is the best! It’s a green jalapeno salsa with guac.

If you visit OKC here’s the best three Mexican Food Restaurants, in my opinion, the all offer a non-stop supply of chips, tortillas and queso, you’ve gotta try:

  • Poblano Grill
  • Ted’s Cafe Escondido
  • Chelinos Mexican Restaurant

I tell people in Austin, every Mexican food restaurant in OKC gives free chips, tortillas, and queso and they don’t believe me. They don’t know what chips and queso is!!! Sorry Chuy’s,
“U Can’t Touch This,” that is, good Mexican Food.

I have heard they have recently opened an Abuelos Mexican Food Embassy on 360 in Barton Creek Mall. I’ve ate the OKC location many, many years ago and from what I remember it was very good. I’m going to have to check it out.

OU Sooners

Funny thing about Oklahoma is they’re the worlds great football fanatics. They love, eat, and sleep OU Sooner football.

Everything is branded OU Sooners from the doctor billboards around town to the airport luggage trucks are painted OU or OSU. They have the OU Medical center and most businesses co-0p with the OU Sooner logo in their ads. They must have an enormous amount of brand equity, possibly in the billions, in the OU Sooners.

Overall, this was a short, but great trip. I wish I could have stayed a few days longer. Thanks OKC!


~ by danherron on June 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “Oklahoma City Visit”

  1. Hey Dan You didint post and Rig pics whats up with that??????? And its Queso not caso Dan ………ehheheheheheh…….I dont know what mexican resturants youve been going in a-town but I was at zzzzzzzzzzzzz’s the other day and they gave me trip after trip of their salsa and chips………but Ill have to admit that there are Gay resturants that dont serve “free” chips and salsa but most not all give you free chips and salsa………I dont think I have yet to find a place in Texas that serves free ( caso ) queso though…….I guess Ill go to OK for that……Anyway big dan I will email you some stuff about our ministry…….We need some materials asap……And order 3abn tomorrow too ………Lates…

  2. Dan thanks for the toot of the horn for Oklahoma sorry we did not get to meet up maybe next time WOuld have loved to show you then studio and control room though Maybe some day Glad you did enjoy the trip hey where are the oil well pix? Any way have a good day Anne

  3. Dan, Thanks for the OKC and Sooner tidbit. I need to get you down to Bricktown one of these days. Highly recommend Teds
    . Homemade tortillas made on site that blow you away.
    Anywhere in OKC you will have fresh free salsa, queso, and
    a big bowl of chips waiting for you in about 2 minutes
    of your arrival. Its an insult if you dont, ala Austin.
    I loved living there, though, although Danny thinks all you
    do is get divorced and watch the grass grow in OKC.
    Props to OU, I need to upload a video of my OU room
    and you now you can always visit Chad’s Sooner World at
    http://www.chadandkimi.com/chad.htm for all your sooner memories
    and a look at the history and tradition of the University
    of Oklahoma. Van Halen will always be in your blood.

    If it was the birth of your first child or Eddie Van
    Halen autograph signing at the local IKEA, what would
    you do?

  4. Aaron, I know, I’m sorry, I’m spoiled on OKC Mexican Food and I can’t spell queso.
    The Austin Mexican Food restaurants should be ashamed to call that “dog food” they serve Mexican Food.

  5. Oklahoma looks like such a wonderful place to visit. Maybe I’ll go there some day. Maybe even go see the world famous Sooners play and enjoy on a nice 3.2% beer while there.

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