EVH Frankenstein Guitar & 5150 III Head & Cab

I stopped by the Austin Guitar Center today and low and behold, they have an EVH Frankenstein Replica for only $25,000, yeah that’s right $25 grand. This is one of 300 limited production. I asked if I could play it, but the guy said only if you’re serious about buying it so I didn’t get to try it. I asked if I could take a photo and he said “no.”

Although I love EVH’s guitars, I think you’d have to be an idiot to pay $25K for one of these when you can build one for under $1,000.


EVH 5150 III HD and 4×12 Half Stack

EVH 5150 II HD and 4×12 Half Stacks are listed for $3099. on the GC web site.

First Look Video: EVH 5150 III head and 4 x 12 cabinet

EVH Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein Replica Electric Guitar

The Guitar Center manager said the entire GC around the country is sold out of the EVH 5150 III head and cab in white. The heads are listed for $1999. on GC web site.

EVH 5150 III HD Guitar Amp Head

EVH 5150 III HD Guitar Amp Head

I would like to buy a head and a half stack, still trying to decide on which color.

EVH 5150 III 412 Guitar Extension Cabinet

The cabs are listed for $1099. on the GC web site.

EVH 5150 III 4×12 Half Stacks

4×12 Double Stacks

EVH & 5150 III Stacks


~ by danherron on June 20, 2007.

20 Responses to “EVH Frankenstein Guitar & 5150 III Head & Cab”

  1. I would love to know exactly “how serious” you need to be about buying it in order for Guitar Center to let you play it? I just thought it was a funny bit. “Can I play it?” “Only if you’re serious about buying it.” How do you prove that??? A call to the bank? A credit check? What’s the deal? I mean, it is possible to go in there not thinking at all about the guitar, then all of a sudden deciding on a whim to spend $25,000 on it, right? After all, we ARE guitar players? We do huge impulse buys all the time, and there’s bound to be one of us who will bite for the $25,000, no???

    Nice post!

  2. Ha, ha, ha…No IG, I bet 99.9 percent of the people that come in there don’t have $25,000 to blow on a guitar, but I guarantee you somebody will walk in off the street in the next few months and buy that guitar!!!

  3. Who in his right mind is gonna buy that guitar??? I just don’t get it…


  4. 2 grand for a 100 watt head made in Mexico…I’ll pass

  5. UHHHHH? Who has ever payed list for an amp from G.C???????????????? Much less anywhere on the net…. I bet you could call Eddie and buy his demo for pocket change. If they say the’re out, it cause they are in it for the long con. I can get these fuckers all day long for? Well that is another sqack of salesman shit! Good luck suckers… TOne is the only true test of any tubular experience. Asl Jimi… Later Baby, Dadz Bluz

  6. Of course $25,000 is ridiculas but you are missing the point. People buying these are buying them for one of two reasons
    * It’s the only way to get an EXACT copy of the most famous guitar in history endorsed by EVH.
    *An investment. No one is buying these to play them. They are a collector’s item. The people buying these are collectors hoping the value will rise.

  7. Yeah I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t know if the people buying these will get a return on their investment.

    If I had the money to invest on one of these I would rather spend $2,000 and get one custom made and try and sell it for profit than the $25K model.

    I will call the Austin GC right now and see if they still have it.
    As of 10-13-07 they said they shipped it to Houston where someone bought it!!!! 🙂 😦

  8. i reckon i could make one of those frankenstien guitars for about $600. the upper hand the guys at fender have is they got too look at the actual guitar and talk to evh about it. however id still rather make it than pay $25,000 for it and if people like me are making it some more experianced people are going to be faking it in a couple of years time, those documents wernt hard to fake atall. i would love one of those 5150III amps tho.

  9. I would pay $25k on it just so i could brag about having a $25k guitar lol
    ( if youd like to contact me, my myspace is http://www.myspace.com/jamescramer )

  10. by the way, if you saw the interview with eddie and the fender guy who built the thing, he built it only using pictures he found online, apparently.

  11. i think its stupid 2 buy a guitar exactly lyk lyk another player cause its a total rip get ur own sound make it urself weather its stock or customized or from the ground up

  12. If I had a spare $25k, I seriously wouldn’t buy one of these guitars, as much as I love EVH, and his tone, I wouldn’t spend $25k chasing that tone when it can be achieved for much less that that, you could probably buy 4 completely different rigs, say for instance, a Les Paul with a Marshall jcm2000tsl head and cab, a Strat, with a Fender tube amp, a PRS with a Mesa Boogie half stack, and an Ibanez Presige RG and a Diezel half stack and still have change to spare.. I have also seen many replicas of EVH’s frankenstrat and they sell for a whole lot cheaper that $25k!!!

    You would have to be completely insane to spend that kind of money on a guitar, and only someone who is very rich, and is a collector of expensive guitars will be the person who buys a guitar like this!!!

    Hell, I guarantee I could buy a body neck and all the electronics and hardware, and build a replica of this guitar myself, and it would probably play and sound just as good as this guitar does!!!

    Though, I must say, I love the 5150 III amp, I am going to check the local guitar stores to see if any of them stock this amp, as I would love to test one, as I am getting bored with my Marshall JCM2000TSL…

  13. I have been an EVH fan ever since VH 1 came out back in 78. EVH is the reason I started playing guitar PERIOD. ED and Ace Frehley to be exact. Anyway, I have had the Peavey 5150 head and cab, when they first came out, and also the EB EVH model guitar, and also the Peavey Wolfgang. All this was great equipment, dont get me wrong, but the older I get, the less I want signature stuff, or to copy someone elses trip. But, I understand the lure and excitement of having your favorite guitar players equipment and such. Anyway, about the new 5150 III and the $25K Frankie guitar. I think they are really cool pieces, but like many of you said you can make a frankie for alot less money, and the only people who are buying the Frankie are people with more money then they know what to do with and/or collectors. Since im neither one, I will pass on the Frankie just for those two reasons alone. The 5150 III is cool, but I can get MY tone, and VH tone if need be from my CAA OD 50 head. And as far as guitars go, my Suhr Pro’s have never let me down.Also a bummer, finding out the 5150 III is made in Mexico. Whats going on with that?????

  14. Oh yeah, and another thing GC SUCKS!

  15. OMG…someone would buy a COPY of a hacked up guitar like that for $25K. I might think about it if it was an original guitar that Eddie built and played himself…but a cheap copy…never.

    I dunno about the 5150 amp tho…I thought they were made by Peavey which are all made in the U.S. Maybe someone read that some piece of it was made in mexico or something. But I guess some people think that if they own stuff that LOOKS like Edddie’s they will play and sound like Edddie…lol. Truth is Eddie tore up and burned up alotta guitars and amps trying to find his sound and I kinda doubt you’d really want some of the stuff he really used. You’d be better off buying like 5-10 really nice guitars with that $25k.

    But if ya really want a guitar like Eddie’s go to Ed Roman’s shop in Las Vegas http://www.edroman.com/ cuz he accually worked with Eddie and some of his guitars along with many other great guitarists. Take a gander at his client list and some of his custom jobs.

  16. Oh…here is the link Ed Roman’s Eddie Van Halen list of guitars he sells

    He also does custom jobs on these.

  17. It has humor, that EV-gutar. Why? Because in the seventies EvH decided not to use Fender-stuff, because… it was to expensive! So he bought some cheap guitarparts and used an older Gibson Pick up and… let it rock! Now fender has copied that not-fender gitar… it is pure fun and humor! So: it wasn’t a Fender, but the new one are. And ‘an copy’ is only visual… I bad they don’t use an old gibson pickup and so on… Don’t be fooled! And ok, it still can be a very good guitar, but heeee… 25 grands…. You can buy yourself at least 25 very good guitars!

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  19. Merely wanna admit that this is handy , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

  20. I have a 5150 III 100 watt head and the 5150 III 4×12 cab. The head is monstrous and I will forever play through that head but the cab? The volume is low compared to a cheap (better sounding) B52 4×12 cab I have. I paid $250.00 for TWO B52 cabs that sound way better than ONE $1000.00 EVH 4×12 cab. I don’t know why or how but I have played through the cheapies AND the expensive name brand EVH and the EVH is truly a piece of shit. Oh well. I have am EVH 5150 III 4×12 cab for sale. Brand new.

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