King Keurig; Tassimo the Terrible

You know I love my Keurig. I’ve got one at the apartment and one at the office. The only thing missing is my love of sipping on espresso’s, cappuccinos and lattes. Anyway, I decided to buy a unit that could make espressos and cappuccinos. My research lead me to the Tassimo made by Braun. I bought this from my favorite store that regularly sends out 20 percent off coupons, Bed Bath & Beyond. It’s was $169, less the 20 percent off BB&B coupon.

Keurig & Tassimo Coffee Makers

When putting together the Tassimo, I feared problems to come with the lack of quality of the unit, but I was very happy with the quality of the Gevalia Cappuccinos.

Tassimo Expresso T-Disk

You put a T-Disk in the unit and a laser reads the bar code which tells it how to make your drink.

Tassimo Messy T-Disks

Unfortunately, the Tassimo is very messy and requires regular cleaning after using the milk froth T-Disks.

Aaron waiting for Tassimo to heat up

On the second day of use my roommate Aaron and I had trouble with the cup stand filling up with water and the unit going in to major heating problems, taking up to 20 minutes to heat the water. Photo – Aaron waits for the unit to heat up.

Tassimo with Cappuccino in Better Days

Unfortunately, although this made a pretty nice Starbucks quality cappucino and expresso, the quality and engineering are poor to say the least. I took my back to Bed Bath & Beyond for a full refund.

Now I’m going to purchase a regular old-fashion expresso machine. They range from $50 to $800 at BB&B. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


~ by danherron on July 5, 2007.

One Response to “King Keurig; Tassimo the Terrible”

  1. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Happy to see another pleased coffee drinker! Keep it up!

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