2007 Summer NAMM Show July 27-29, Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas

This years NAMM, held at the Austin Convention Center was packed full of music industry professionals from all over the country. Sellers displayed the latest gear while buyers roamed the show room floor checking out the latest offerings.

Only disapointment, NO ERNIE BALL!

EVH 5150 III HD and 4×12 Half Stack

EVH 5150 III HD and 4×12 Half Stack, but no Eddie???

Brian McDonald EVH Fender Marketing Manager

This is Fender EVH Marketing Manager, Brian McDonald from Scottsdale, Ariz. He worked with Eddie on the development of the EVH III. He said right now they’re working on a full product line and new guitar, most likely under $2,000. He gave me n EVH pick (photo to come).

Jerry Jeff Walker at the Martin Guitar Booth

Austin’s own, Jerry Jeff Walker, strumming away at the Martin Guitar booth.

Rob Balducci Ibanez Artist

This is Ibanez artist, Rob Balducci. He played an awesome demo!

Rob Balducci Ibanez Artist Demo

Ibanez artist, Rob Balducci, demo sign

Ibanez 2007 NAMM Booth Austin

Ibanez booth; very nice looking guitars. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a Steve Vai gem to try out.

Fender 2007 NAMM Custom Shop Booth

Fender Custom Shop.

Fender 2007 NAMM Custom Shop Booth Guitars
Fender Custom Shop Vintage Stratocaster Guitars

These Fender Strat guitars are roughed up to look vintage. Unfortunately, that’s how my guitars look after I build them to look brand new!!!
Fender 2007 NAMM Booth Austin

Fender Booth: Fender, Fender Custom Shop, Jackson, Charvel, and Gretch.

Jackson Guitars

Jackson Guitar Booth.

Charvel Guitars

Charvel Guitar Booth.

Gibson Guitars

Gibson Guitar Booth.

Speaker Larry Mersereau - NAMM UniversitySpeaker Larry Mersereau instructed a standing only crowd on ways to make your business stand out. Would you like to know the secrete? Here it is: CUSTOMER SERVICE BRANDING!!!

TAMA Drums Booth - 2007 NAMM Austin

Just one of TAMA’s many kits on display.

Ludwig Drums 2007 NAMM Booth Austin

Ludwig Drum Booth.

John Lennon Recording Studio Bus

John Lennon Recording Studio Bus. Pretty cool! They bring the studio to you.

Inside the John Lennon Recording Studio Bus

Inside the John Lennon Recording Studio bus. There’s a drum set other side of the control board.

Hagstrom Guitars

Hagstrom Guitars. That’s a very nice display.

Ernie & Bert - Sesame Street Gang

That’s all folks! See ya next year!!!


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~ by danherron on July 23, 2007.

5 Responses to “2007 Summer NAMM Show July 27-29, Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas”

  1. Nice collection of photos. You misspelled HAGSTROM under the photo caption, by the way 🙂 I would like to order a print of that photo, IF YOU COULD CONTACT ME ABOUT THAT, I WOULD APPRECIATE IT.

  2. I got it corrected.

    No prob. send me your e-mail and I’ll send you some Hagstrom photos after I return from vacation.

  3. Thanks Dan. Zero2Sixtyb4u@hotmail.com is my email. Enjoy sunny Florida. I am in “sweltering Atlanta” myself, lol 😀

  4. it’s good

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