Ocean Force: Panama City Beach TV Show—Mondays at 8pm & 8:30pm on Court TV

Panama City Beach TV Show Header

I found this cool TV show, Ocean Force: Panama City Beach.

As you may or may not know Panama City Beach is the No. 1 Spring Break spot in US; it’s a most spectacular vacation spot because the beaches are primo.

I grew up vacationing in PCB from a kid and was just there last week so I know every nook and cranny of this beach so I found this show to be very interesting and a fresh break from COPS.

Ocean Force: Panama City Beach
Mondays at 8pm and 8:30pm E/P on Court TV

Tune in for 2007 Spring Break mayhem in the new special series “Ocean Force: Panama City Beach.”


~ by danherron on September 10, 2007.

5 Responses to “Ocean Force: Panama City Beach TV Show—Mondays at 8pm & 8:30pm on Court TV”


  2. every college student in the world knows these cops are stupid, dont cut the tapes to make the look better cmon!

  3. The Cops are Not Stupid. They give the spring breakers a Lot of Chances. Some just don’t learn. Like for ex Don’t flick a cop off after he asked you to move out of a fire lane no ticket until the person Flicked the cop off.

  4. I’m watching the show today, a re-run likely. I so hope the producers and Lifeguard Supervisors will review proper CPR. The one Lifeguard was just bouncing and bouncing his (own) upper body as he was doing compressions which is wrong– the rescuer must control that normal inclination to bounce because the compressions can be ineffective. The paramedic who came later did not bounce and so, he likely delivered more effective compressions. When seconds count, every compression must be accurate and life-sustaining. Control your bouncing up and down! Deliver smooth, strong conpressions. And, by the way, the elderly man died, I believe.

  5. DUH… I am very familiar with with the EMT’s and Officers. They are not stupid. The spring breakers are STUPID. Think they are above the law. You have KNOW idea how many chances they get, but then every spring breaker is a “lawyer” and knows everything. Ocean Force was NOT invited back to PCB because of the douchebag Spring Breakers. I guess they have never seen a “video camera” We don’t want you Spring Breakers here and you can go somewhere else.

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