New EVH Wolfgang Fender Guitar

Eddie Van Halen EVH Wolfgang Fender Guitar

I think this is the new EVH Wolfgang Fender prototype guitar or did Eddie just cut out the horn off of his Peavey Wolfgang? At Summer NAMM 2007 in Austin, I spoke with Charvel/Jackson, Marketing Manager, Brian McDonald. He said they were working on a new EVH Fender guitar, most likely priced under $2,000 so I betcha this is it.

Close up of the Eddie Van Halen EVH Wolfgang Fender Guitar Neck

I don’t care for this headstock. Does it look uninspiring or what? I think it looks like a shark or lobster claw. I wish he would have a Music Man style neck. I wish Ed would come up with something new rather than just keep regurgitating the same guitar over and over with each company he changes over to.

What do you all think? Are you going to buy one?

These photos are courtesy of Jeff Findley Photography. Thanks Jeff for the great photos! Full set of rehearsal photos may be viewed here:

Jeff Findley

Eddie Van Halen shreds


~ by danherron on September 21, 2007.

60 Responses to “New EVH Wolfgang Fender Guitar”

  1. that’s a good looking guitar..

  2. He should really wear a shirt. Seriously – he’s an old man now…

  3. Looks like a bottle opener…

  4. to worshipguitarist: Eddie is only 50 so he is not an old man, an old man is 94, who the fuck are you? He’s okay without a shirt, not overweight or anything. First impression seeing the new headstock: yuck! not nice, looks like it was bit by a dog or something, too bad. I don’t think i’l buy one, i’d prefer the Peavey HP Special.

  5. Phil: I think you need to calm down a little. EVH does look pretty good for 50, but as far as I’m concerned – that’s too old to try to pull off the whole “shirtless rock star” thing. The same thing goes for Mick Jagger or Steven Tyler.

  6. I wonder if the 2 knobs are 2 volumes or 1 volume and a tone, because as far as i know eddie didnt really use the tone knob, just a volume labled tone. I wonder if you can get a model with a sustainer too. Anyone get the September guitar world magazine with eddie and the new 5150 III, well on page 48 theres a wolfgang type guitar on a white 5150 III Cabinet i used to think it was the the new one, but it might not be …lol just cause of the white knobs on it. and im not sure if the fender/EVH one has an angled headstock. I might consider buying this Wolfgang just because i think it may have 2 volumes, and i missed out on chances with the peavey version.

  7. How are people inferring that this is a Fender guitar? I see no branding on the guitar – for all we know the headstock could just be that of a modified Peavey Wolfgang. This is a gorgeous guitar nonetheless and I do hope it is a fender product so I can actually buy it in the new years.

  8. A. We’re inferring that it’s a Fender because I talked with the Charvel/Jackson Marketing Manager at NAMM who worked with Eddie on the EVH III; he told me that they were working on a new Fender guitar.

    B. Eddie never had a neck like that on any of his Peavey’s during his 10-year collaboration with Peavey.

  9. Hope it doen’t drop the prices on the Peavey EVHs

  10. Dudes ! He simply cut out the “scoop” of the Peavey styled headstock. Get an original Wolfie, there’s lot’s out there. The Charvels were a failure. which is why they were dropped per FMIC

  11. I was shocked that it was his main guitar over the Frankenstrat. at first but if Eddie is comfortable playing this Wolfgang design so be it. I think it’s cool over all and there should be more colours and costum designs out there like the Peavey. I like that Bottle opener headstock better than the Scoop.

  12. ROB said ” I see no branding on the guitar”

    Rob needs glasses;) It cleary says EVH-Wolfgang on the headstock.

  13. This guitar is incredible!! I have a friend that works for fender/charvel and [so many more that fender makes] stated that this was the new guitar. It’s made here for now, untill the namm show, then it will be made in mexico with american parts. The pickups are like the peavey wolfgang, as is the neck contour. A great guitar with a low list price. I guess they were looking to find a wolfgang everyone can own, with great quality parts. I hope that help’s..

  14. Why do you say it’s incredible? It’s just a lousy copy of the Wolfgang with that weird headstock.

    I’d buy one of his Charvels before I’d invest in one of these.

  15. Its incredible, because it has birdseye maple neck like you would’nt believe, with the wolfgang you had to pay alot more for that, its the price of a wolfgang usa reg model. Real floyd rose bridge, curly maple top or flame like the peavey custom shop, but this guitar there’s no extra cost. Love the neck and bridge pickup, not a fan of only the bridge pickup, to each his own. Also i own one of the charvel evh guitars, and i really dont care that much for the neck. Its chunky and has more meat compare to the wolfgangs, ernie ball evh guitars. I just saw them in illinois, allstate arena, and he had two of the new evh guitars. Wow!! Fender did a great job!! Eddie sounded great, nothing new there.

  16. I really like EVH, but there are way too many guitars that he has commissioned. The Ernie Ball was classy and he should have stuck with that one. Now that the EVH brand is with Fender, there are too many choices. The $25K Frankenstein guitar is ridiculously priced. Who’s going to play that? Besides, for 10% of that price, you can buy the Charvel (Fender owned) version, without the “antiquing”. I’ve recently seen Van Halen in Toronto and Detroit, and ranking Eddie’s sound from both shows, I’d say that both EVH prototypes sounded great. Next would be the Frankenstien, although it was maybe 70% of the tone that of the prototypes, but the Charvels were a very distant third. The EVH prototypes should have been something different for Eddie. A totally new beginning. Fender should create a carved top strat with a figured maple top, and maybe a slightly downsized body for Eddie. Maybe with ghost or colored transparent stripes to showcase the wood underneath.

  17. Nice looking guitar, but I wouldn’t pay no $2000 for one. The prices of his Charvel’s are a joke too. His tone on this tour was BUTT RIPPING. One of the best tones he’s ever had. Which says a lot for the upcoming 5150III. But who knows what’s going on w/ his rig behind the scenes. Could be an old Marshall back there that we don’t know about! The 5150III is going to be like $2000 for the head alone, but I’m interested in trying one for sure.

  18. Eddies new guitar is merely a copy of his older stuff, i think he should start something new altogether, body and headstock. He should make up a new eruption too because he has been playing the same thing over and over again. I won’t buy the new Fender Wolfgang, next in line for me is the Peavay HP Special. Right now, i play a Peavey Wolfgang and i love it. Nevertheless, Eddie has always been my favorite guitar player and i wisg him all the best.

  19. I own a peavey wolfgang arch flammed top STD. Great guitar, my fav actually (Dont tell my Les Paul). I would definitly consider the fender model, but I read somewhere on this thread that the Fender wolfies are going to be made in Mexico!

    Big turn off, if thats the case, I’ll just buy another peavey on ebay. Get them now because unless it’s an EVH EXP, The peavey wolfies are crafted and assembled in the US.

  20. Again, Eddie’s guitar. Since when did you people become guitar legends. If he wants a copy of a Peavey so be it. His choice, complain about something worthwhile.

  21. Well I guess, I’ll check them out. Although I hate products not made in USA (thanks for nothing Wal-Mart, turning our country in to a third-world country. Should call yourself China Mart; you’re terrorist, economic terrorist that is).

    Anyway, this might be good if they’re priced below Wolfgang or Axis, under $1,400, this way, you’d have the high end Music Man and Wolfgang then the low-end Fender.

  22. Eddie plays what he wants to play; that’s how he gets his sound. He uses what works best for him, and that’s a helluva lot more than you can say for other musicians who have sold out for money. If the EVH/Fender Wolfgang is what he plays most, then it has the best feel and sound. Eddie’s sound is what matters to him most. Eddie Van Halen always will be the greatest guitar hero ever to walk the earth. Anybody who criticizes what he plays isn’t truly a supportive fan; the person isw just an ass who enjoys writing destructive criticism on comment pages. I hope to own the EVH/Fender Wolfgang someday.

  23. When Eddie played the original Frankenstein, he sounded exactly like himself;
    when he occasionally pulled out the (Hot For Teacher) Flying V in the “1984” era, he still sounded like himself;
    when he commissioned the Music Man signature axe, he sounded a whole lot like himself;
    …and to beat a dead horse, while playing the Peavey EVH Wolfgang, he sounded suspiciously like…himself.
    People who buy a signature series axe (SRV, EVH, Clapton, Beck, what-have-you) to try to sound like their idol(s) are idiots.
    Remember–Johnny Hiland sounds like all those Tele-wielding chicken-pickers of 1960’s Nashville while playing a Paul Reed Smith instrument.
    90% of tone is in your hands, the rest is just salad dressing. Find a guitar that pleases you with its feel, sound and appearance, and develop your own style–QUIT RECYCLING EVERYONE ELSE’S SOUND! The feel of an axe will change the way you play more than any other factor.
    Having said that–some signature instruments are appealing either in looks, feel or overall features…and this latest EVH is a looker.

  24. 02/12/2008 Florida he used the FENDER EVH WOLFGANG all night except for about five songs, two different one PU CHARVELs and FRANKEN. The FENDER sounded great!. The headstock had BINDINING but I didn’t look like it went down the neck, just the headstock. Two JAGUAR knobs and I think only the top one was volume. He never touched the lower know and he worked vol. tricks with the upper knob.

  25. Looks like a bunch of posers here. I have 2 peavey wolfs, and can’t wait to get my hands on the fender version. The one nice thing I am seeing is that finally for the first time since the first year wolfie they are making a quilt top. There are some other quilts out there, but they are all the Korean made pile of junk. I would like to see any of you dudes that are jawin about shirtless Ed pop your shirts off in front of 10,000+ and pull it off, dude is ripped for a 51 year old. Most likely the ones talking are the typical cheeto eating lard asses that grace the computer screen with stupid jealousy drivin bull shit on a daily basis. Long live Ed.

  26. Ditto the Florida report. I saw VH in Orlando, Ed played a pale yellow Fender EVH Wolfgang most of the night. Fully bound, zebra hb’s, two knobs (ront: vol, rear: tone), just a beautiful guitar that sounds incredible. I’ve never coveted a signature series guitar before but this one made me drool.

  27. Having owned 2 Peavey Wolfgangs I’d say they are the best playability guitars I’ve played. I keep looking for the ulitmate guitar but keeping coming back to the wolfgang. I’d buy an archtop model if they made one…the headstock looks ok…not great.

  28. Billy5150, that was a funny fuckin reply. I’d definitely have to agree with you 100%. Eddie’s not as young as he used to be, but it’s not like he’s a fat ass or anything. He’s stayed cut, and it looks like he even cut down on the cigs. I saw him in Dallas, and he only smoked 1 cigarrette the whole time. His playing was as great as ever. I was fortunate enough to see him play on his birthday, and it was great. Roth stopped a song and everybody sang happy birthday to Ed. Great fuckin night. As you said before, LONG LIVE ED!!!!!!

  29. I just saw V.H in Colombus Oh. 5/7/08 as usual they were great.I thought he was using a Peavey Wolfgang but something looked different and then I noticed the headstock.It must be the new Fender Wolfgang.I just want to say that his sound was incredible.He used 2 charvels for 1 song each which will wind up on ebay soon.I thought the sound of the Wolgangs was much better than the Charvels.I have 4 U.S.A Peavey Wolfgangs and cant wait to get a Fender Wolfgang but only if it is made in the U.S.A

  30. First let me say that I am almost as burned out on Ed’s company hopping as anyone. But to say he is copying a peavey or an EBMM is a bit incorrect. Eddie designed these guitars, not the companies. Right or wrong it was the start of the EVH brand. I have owned many of the EBMM EVH guitars and there is nothing like them. I have owned the Peavey Wolfgang’s and they are great as well. If Ed designed the guitar shape (a warped arch top strat), and then named it after is son(Note that Peavey no longer calls it the Wolfgang nor is the body shape the same..because of patents, ed also patented the pickups and the D Tuna..) then guess what it’s his design. So if he wants to take that patented design to Fender then so be it. I do agree that a little more could have been done to the head stock, but it’s kinda like his explorer circa the cover of Women and Children first, just whack out a big piece of wood.

  31. I would play anything that ED designs INCLUDING the newest wolf!
    great player and the GOD of reall tone IMHO

  32. I would play anything that ED designs INCLUDING the newest wolf!
    great player and the GOD of real tone IMHO

  33. Regardless of who made this guitar, it is great to see Ed playing a Wolfgang guitar again after the mess he had with Peavey a few years back that killed the original Wolfgang and 5150 amps. – Now know as the 6505 Amps and HP Special guitar.
    The odd thing about this whole new Fender Wolfgang guitar is that Fender has been talking about this since the 2007 NAMM – no guitar and again at the 2008 NAMM, and no guitar.
    So, the real question here is – why is not being released or produced? This whole drama and rumor fest over the Fender Wolfgang has been going on for nearly 2 years. It is time to “show me the money” and get the lead out. If there is a new – copied version of the legendary Peavey Wolfgang guitar – then it is high time for Fender or whoever is making it to do just that – start making them, period.
    After owning a Peavey Wolfgang for 6 years, it does not matter to me if it is Fender, Peavey, or whoever makes them, as long as they have the same design, feel, features, tremendous quality, and unmistakable sound. The Wolfgang really was a once in a lifetime guitar and it is crying shame Eddie killed the production of them in the first place.

  34. I’ve got an EBMM-EVH and a PV Wolf HT. Both are great guitars and I won’t be getting rid of them. Having said that, I don’t see myself being too interested in the Fender Wolf. I’d be more interested in a 5150III combo.

    I wish him the best with his new product line. But it does seem a little like the same song, 3rd verse.

    And FWIW, Ed has a history of being notoriously slow in giving his final “o.k.” to products with his name on them. That it’s taking so long for this to come to market is not surprising to me.

    I would hope that the new Wolf features changes from the PV Wolf beyond the cutout headstock and a narrower top horn…

  35. I dunno but everytime Eddie brings out a new geetar then the sales of the old ones on the s/h market drop. I own two of the Charvel arts (as I play in a VH trib band that mainly does pre 84 stuff) and I love the charvel necks…. but I found the Peavey to be a fantastic guitar. In every EVH guitar I have owned (MM, Kramer replica, Peavey or Charvel) I have never fell in love with the pickups! But I cant fault the EVH amps from Fedner or Peavey.

    All I would add is owning these guitars asnd amps dont make you sound like eddie!

  36. The pictures are EVH Peaveys they were cut and filed at Charvel\Fender

  37. As long as it is not $25,000 I ll buy one, its a well made guitar I am sure

  38. would love to see him go back to Ernie Ball/Music Man!

  39. It’s great that he kept the same wolfie design. It shows that he really did want it to look like that and that it was a step forward the first time around… A much more stylish design than the EBMM Telaxicaster.

  40. gimme a break, he went thru 80 sets of pickups. prima donna. his tone isn’t that special. sure i wish i had his skill and chops, by the way, who’s the next stop when eddie and fender have a falling out?

  41. Mike: “his tone isn’t that special”?! Are you fucking insane?

  42. Oh, and to all of you complaining about the shape: Like omg, Les Paul is using that damned same shape fuuurever…*TSK* How long has is he going to use it…it’s like SOOOOO old fashioned! Gag me with a spoon!

  43. I don’t own any wolfgangs just Fenders but, the bottom line is Ed is the man and if he says this guitar is what it is I will try it out and if it feels right I’ll buy one if it don’t, I won’t plain and simple. No question about it the new Wolfgang is a beautiful guitar, a work of art. Great Job Ed!

  44. Mike: “gimme a break, he went thru 80 sets of pickups.” And why exactly is this a bad thing? He knew what sound he was going for and wasn’t willing to compromise. Personally I greatly respect the man for that. He could have settled for something that was “close-enough” and had it on the market several months ago but instead took the time to find exactly what he was looking for. And kudos to Fender for giving him such total control and not rushing it to market. I’m betting it will be an outstanding guitar and probably a very good value. Unfortunately the aesthetics just don’t appeal to me at all which means it probably won’t be much of a contender for me when I go to purchase a new guitar in a couple of months. But I’ll definitely give it a test drive and see if the feel/sound fits me well enough to change my mind on the looks.

  45. Well any quality guitar such as Gibson, PRS, high end Fender, you get the idea with the right amp will get you any tone you want with maybe a little EQ work. Yes 80 pickups is overkill. Besides, it’s rehash the same guitar and amp every 3 or 4 years so all the diehards will rush out and by it.

  46. Mike, you suck. And so does PRS. If you don’t like the guitar, then don’t “buy” one. Eddie isn’t doing this for money. I’m sure he has enough. He is just trying to contribute to the guitar world by making a guitar he thinks kicks ass. Les Paul did it, so piss off.

  47. Well all I can say is good luck to the guy, he’s been around forever and has without a doubt influenced mine plus probably about 95% of most guitar players out there whether they will admit to it or not. It sounds like he really put some time into this project,but like it says in the Feb. GW I’m curious to see who goes out and buys it, especially in this economy!

  48. well, i just state my opinion and everybody calls me fuckin insane, stupid, and finally i just suck. i think i’ll go spank myself now. BTW quit comparing EVH to Les Paul. IT IS GIBSON always changing the Les Paul NOT LES PAUL the man you dumbshits. besides look at everything EVH is trying to sell to people, Les Paul never did that. all i’m gettin at is he sells everything from guitars to fucking EVH striped chuck taylors. and it’s not about the money?? open you’re fuckin eyes. at least les paul is a bona fide inventor. if i’m gonna spend that kind of many you can bet your ass it ain’t going to be on some mexican fnender. now go jack off and listen to 1984 some more.

  49. oh, and by thw ay, how many guitar companies has les paul been involved with in the last 50 years? he first dealt with epiphone when it was a independent company from gibson, and then gibson. eddie has dealt with ernie ball, peavey, charvel, and now fender. so quit comparing les paul and his guitar to EVH and his over priced bullshit. mike is right eddie is a greedy bastard that will do anything for money, since lately he hasn’t even been able to keep a band together. one more note on les paul, 90 some years old and still performing. true guitar icon.

  50. calm down potty mouth. chill pumpkin!

  51. I have played a few EBMM-EVHs and more than a few Peavey Wolfgangs. They were all really nice. The MMs were too pricey, the Peaveys were more affordable. I want to see where the EVHs price out. I own a 5150-III and it is the BEST amp I have every played so if Ed put the same amount of care into these guitars as he did with his amp, then Holy Shit… Bring it on…

    BTW, I play PRS guitars IMO they are the best from builder to player… Whether Ed is doing this for the money or not is not relevant. He designs good shit. Oh and he can play his ass off too…


  52. There was a huge article in guitar player last month with an interview with evh and one of fenders lead custom guys. The amount of detail going into the new fender EVH wolfgang is amazing. They agonized over the pickup positioning (bridge 1/16″ forward) the material for the trem block (solid brass) the pickups (something like 70 sets tried before they wound their own) and even things like the finish, which ed describes as thin so as not to dampen resonance, and direct bolting the pickups to the guitar. Ed made this guitar tech jump through hoops to get this guitar put together to his exacting specs. In fact, the tech even said that on putting one guitar together Ed played a single note and complained that the prototype was alder not what he had asked for! The tech was just blown away that he could tell the difference, and made him a new body that night to his specs for the following days trial. All in all the tech and Ed were very friendly and it was obvious that they had been working closely together for a long while. They had a lot of stories to relate.

    Needless to say, Ed’s word on the new model is that he wanted a guitar he could buy off a shelf at any music store and play a show, and he feels that it delivers.

    Although I don’t know a lot about the 5150 III amp by fender, the reviews on harmony central say that it is plagued with mechanical and electrical issues and that the QC is awful. With this in mind, I will apply the MS XBOX principle before I buy it and wait a yr for rev2 =D

  53. Ok, my point on the shape was that people were complaining about the shape. It had nothing to do with “comparing” Ed to Les. You either like the shape of a guitar or you don’t. You like Flying Vs or you don’t, you like Warlocks or you don’t, etc… You should care about the shape only when you care about the feel and the tone it produces. Some posters made it sound like they were more concerned how they would look in front of a mirror with it or how they look posting their horrible screetchings on YouTube. I don’t know if anyone has seen th price yet: $3000 on one of the online music stores was what I saw. I do think that Ed’s ego is fueling the price. But as far as his marketing and being a greedy bastard…Like none of us wouldn’t sell our shit if we were in his place!

  54. Peavey is producing the new Wolfgang and the 5150 III. Eddie may be an asshole, but he’s no dummie. The wolfie is where the magic is at….if you want to be able to buy one production.

  55. Why would anyone care if he wears a shirt or not? Bizzare.

  56. No one has changed guitar playing since EVH. My playing and improvisation reflects his thinking/technique. But no guitar is going to make you sound like HIM! I built a FRANKENSTRAT exactly as he did a couple years ago; I play it via a little Fender Vibro Champ. But all these guitars prove is it’s Eddie playing it; not the guitar sounding a certain way…imho

  57. OK, Here are the facts, since I own and play EVH gear. The Wolfgang and the 5150 III are ALL MADE BY FENDER not Peavey. I got my sunburst Wolf on Jan 29th and I have a 5150III full stack. This guitar is BAD ASS and is far better than my Peavey Wolf. The neck is really fast and the stainless frets are cool. This guitar has it’s own voice. Go plug one into a 5150III and play, only then will you understand the power of the force and a Jedi you will be.


  59. First of all, he’s Eddie Van Halen. Whatever he does will be kick ass. He’s done more with one testical than most could do with 100. I play through the big rigs. I have 2 full stacks of pretty much everything. Take what he has made and do something smokin with it. He has great tone and makes great guitars. Thanks Ed, Nashville Tennessee/Harry Brett Rocker

  60. This guitar was exactly what I was looking for. It was too expensive for me to buy in the music store, so I was ecstatic to find it on Amazon! The guitar itself is gorgeous and has a beautiful sound that I really enjoy. The built-in tuner is so convenient, and I like that I have the electric option. All in all, I am completely satisfied!

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