New EVH Wolfgang Fender Guitar » Eddie Van Halen EVH Wolfgang Fender Guitar

Eddie Van Halen EVH Wolfgang Fender Guitar as played in rehearsal for the Van Halen World Tour 2007


8 Responses to “Eddie Van Halen EVH Wolfgang Fender Guitar”

  1. Dan,

    Any new information regarding the ‘Fender’ version of the Wolfgang? Fender Customer Support is extremely tight-lipped on this concept. Can you offer a reliable email contact at Charvel/Jackson (i.e. Brian McDonald)?

  2. Fender is releasing the wolfgang in 2009!, probably june. : )

  3. this is a stile

  4. I already built a copy of this same guitar, same specs, but I had to have the pups custom made. I had to have one! If the new EVH wolfgang sounds anything like the one I built, every guitar player out there is in for a treat! Stainless steel frets, and tight tolerances make this guitar one of the legends in the making! These will be instant hits! Especially if they soud like the exact copy i built.


  5. Does anyone know how much the new wolfie will cost?

  6. The New Wolfgang will cost in the area of $3000.00 bucks. Youch!!! It comes in the colors of Cream, Black and the Sunburst. No striped model is being offered at this time.

  7. i heard that it was pretty much indestructible

  8. A fine instrument but a bit pricey. The tuners are a bit coarse for me but at least the thing holds tune. One way trem is quite stable. I picked a Carvin over this instrument. Much nicer woods are used. The Carvin cost about the same but you get a lot more for your money,and you can get it made exactly how you want it.

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