Ernie Ball Music Man 5150

I thought I would show you my 5150 because I just put a new Frankenstraat neck on it.

5150 Headstock on Dan’s Ernie Ball Music Man EVH 5150 guitar

New Frankenstraat neck.


Music Man 5150 EVH Guitar.

(This post was made on an Apple G5 Tower.)


~ by danherron on September 26, 2007.

6 Responses to “Ernie Ball Music Man 5150”

  1. wow rock n roll hehe i remember my guitar in my younger days now im getting old and all is left are the memories of the golden days

  2. Very cool. I just finished work on a Franky, you just gotta love the red and white, such a great combo to the eye.

  3. i want freee…plissssssss…hiks hiks hiks.hehehehehehe

  4. thats not the ernie ball music man,thats the kramer 5150.

  5. Eddie Van Halen has the best guitars in the whole frickin’ universe! I have been a fan for many years, and have a guitar painted like the guitar god himself, but nothing beats having a certified guitar replica. KEEP AT IT EDDIE!!!

  6. it’s possible buy??

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