Dublin Dr. Pepper

I went to the Far West HEB Grocery Store this afternoon and they have a full end-cap of Dublin Dr. Pepper. Several years ago at my previous job, I used to ride the vanpool and we would drive past Rudy’s Bar-b-que everyday and I saw their sign which said “Dublin Dr. Pepper’s in!.”

So one day I said, y-all tried that Dr. Pepper from Ireland??? They said, “Jethro, that’s Dr. Pepper made in Dublin, Texas! They use pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup.” I said cool! I’ll have to check it out.


So I was eating a Rudy’s breakfast taco a few weeks ago and I had a Dublin DP and took the bottle to my office and put it on my book shelve. An executive from our Houston office came to visit us, she’s an huge DP fan so I told her about Dublin DP and said I would buy her a 12-pack next time it came in. Well tonight I bought two 12-packs ($6.99–12PK), one for her and one for me. Anyway, I don’t know how I’m going to get that to Houston, but I figure she’ll pay for the shipping or I’ll send it with someone on their next trip to Houston.



Dublin, Texas—also known officially as Dr Pepper, Texas for one week each June during our annual birthday celebration—became the site for the world’s oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant in 1891, just six years after the drink’s invention in nearby Waco.

Take some time to browse our site, read our history, and visit Old Doc’s Soda Shop for an opportunity to order original formula Dr Pepper and get driving directions and tour information. Find out all about this year’s Birthday Celebration or sign up to run in our Charity 10-2-4k Run. If you’re a real Dr Pepper fan, consider joining the 10-2-4 Club.


As for me, HEB‘s, Dr. B (Dr. Pepper copy) is my standard cola. Also, the HEB Original Formula Cola (Coke copy) rocks! To tell you the truth, I can’t tell the difference between Dublin Dr. Pepper and Dr. B.

Photos shot with a Canon 5D and Gary Fongs Lightsphere, processed on Dan’s Apple Mac G5 and Photoshop CS3 in the beautiful hill country of Austin, Texas.


~ by danherron on May 28, 2007.

17 Responses to “Dublin Dr. Pepper”

  1. I also have lived on Dr. B for a while – but you can’t tell the difference between it and Dublin Dr. Pepper? While Dr. B is the best Dr. Pepper clone I’ve tried, Dublin Dr. Pepper with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar is the stuff of gods. A completely different sweetness, plus you can’t count on sugar not to be genetically modified like corn syrup.

  2. I’m sure if you set them side by side I could tell the difference!

    OK, next time HEB gets some more Dublin DP in, I think I’ll perform a random taste test at my apartment or something to the sort.

    Also, just noticed that DR. B and all HEB soda 12-packs are up from $1.99 to $2.29. Can you say inflation! Thanks a lot “W.”

  3. I came across your blog when looking for this strange Dr Pepper! 😀

    I stopped in to the 99 Cent store because I heard they had my brand of soymilk there, and I saw some strange looking Dr Pepper cans! What a surprise. I despise HFCS, so these put a smile on my face.

    How interesting.

  4. woah thats weird i love dr.pepper too and i live like 1 minute away from the farwest heb haha weird

  5. We sell it (PCS Dr Pepper) in a 20oz bottle here in Victoria Tx.

  6. Actually, Dublin isn’t near Waco. It is a couple of hours away.

    You can’t tell the difference between the knock-offs and the real stuff? We drink only DP. Don’t like the impostors. Grew up on the real stuff and lived near Dublin.

  7. Oh cheapest source I’ve found for Dublin DP is the Super Wal-Mart in Stephenville.

  8. I drink DP, and the only DP I drink is the pure cane sugar stuff.

    The 12 pack 16 oz. cans you have pictured here are actually a Coca-Cola product. They were a market test to see if there was enough demand to make it a regular product offering. I bought some and while it may have had real cane suger, there was a distinct difference in taste.

    The Dr. Pepper sold around central Texas in 12 oz. cans and 8 oz. bottles are produced in Temple at the Temple Bottling Co. Even the cans and bottles (8oz.) sold at the Dublin plant and labled Dulin DP are produced in Temple. I’m not sure where the DP in Stephenville or Victoria is produced (AbTex in Abilene maybe), but I will find out.

    There are 2 ways to get real Dublin DP:
    1)Go to Old Docs Soda shop in Dublin and buy a fountain Dr. Pepper.
    2)Go to Old Docs Soda shop in Dublin with returnable 10 oz. Dr Pepper bottles. They only bottle the 10 oz. reusables. You can buy as many as you have empties.

    By the way, they also bottle Frostee Root Beer and Big Red with cane sugar. Again you have to returnable bottles to buy more. But they do have them in the fountain. Very good stuff. You can also get a blue bell ice cream float made with the real fountain drink. While you are in Dublin (at Old Doc’s) take the tour of the plant and museum (it is worth the price and you get a bottle (8 oz.) of DP.

  9. Pfred,
    Coca-Cola does not own or produce Dr Pepper. There are several places to get Dublin DP produced in Dublin including the Stephenville, Wal-Mart & grocery stores in surrounding towns. I know that I have personally bought Dublin DP in Stephenville, Hico & Hamilton.

    Also, they bottle both the 10 oz bottles and cans.

  10. Hey, we have Dr.Pepper on the fountain at Cabo Bob’s burritos in Austin, Texas 512.432-1111. We have all the good stuff. Come check us out. We just opened and would love for all you Dr.Pepper fans to have all the DP your body can handle. Cabo Bob’s is owned and started by my husband and I. Come check us out as well as Old Doc’s in Dublin.The people are fantastic !!!!

  11. not sure what kind of dr pepper that is, but they have the name wrong. dr pepper is spelled without the period after dr –anything else ain’t the real stuff

  12. Actually for many years Dr Pepper had a period. I believe the period was removed sometime after 1970. At the Dr Pepper museum the earlier bottles & memorabilia have the period.

  13. I have been looking everywhere for the dublin Dr. Pepper for sale here in Austin. Does anyone know where I can purchase it? Thanks.

  14. If you are getting pcs dr pepper in victoria tx, it was bottled at the dr pepper plant in hallettsville 40 miles north on 77.

  15. i just found one any 1 wants

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  17. Dr B made with sugar in the glass bottles is my go to after Dr Pepper Snapple Group murdered Dublin…

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